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Brown rots:

Brown rots cause the wood to crack in a cuboidal manner; the wood also goes slightly darker in color.
The 'cubes' may vary in size depending on the wood and conditions, but they are generally very visible and distinct especially as the wood dries.

There are many 'brown rots', dry rot ( Serpula lacrymans ) being just one. Thus, if the rot is identified as one of the brown rots then it could be dry rot. White rots:

Wood attacked by a white rot looks completely different to attack by a brown rot: The wood takes on a 'fibrous appearance and tends to go slightly lighter in color ( this may not be too noticeable). There is no cuboidal cracking as in the brown rots. Tend to be more common in hardwoods

If the damage is shown to be from one of the white rots then it is certain that the rot isn't dry rot (dry rot is a brown rot)

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